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We are pleased to have Firestation #14 serving as the polling place for precinct 7-11! If you vote in 7-11, visit 480 Highlands Blvd, Pooler, GA 31322 on Election Day!

Polling Places - May 24 Election

Processing Absentee Ballots Prior to Election Day

The Board of Elections will begin absentee ballot processing at 2 PM on Thursday, May 19 at the Elections office at 1117 Eisenhower Dr. We will process until 6 PM. The schedule below is subject to change based on the volume of ballots received.
Processing Schedule
Thursday, May 19th – 2 to 6 PM
Friday, May 20th – 2 to 5 PM (tentative); Adjudication review panel - 4 PM
Monday, May 23rd – 2 to 5 PM (tentative)
Tuesday, May 24th – early evening; Adjudication review panel will need to be on standby. 

On Monday, May 2, an alert voter called the Chatham County Board of Elections to inquire about a possible error on their sample ballot for Precinct 8-01, the new combined poll location at the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum.

The voter explained they live in House District 165 but House District 162 was listed on the ballot. Chatham County Board of Elections‘ staff immediately researched the issue and met with the registrar to review the ballot. It was determined that the ballot for Precinct 8-01 had the wrong district number listed. The General Assembly recently reapportioned and redistricted state house districts and a coding error was determined to have caused the mistake on the ballot. 

The registrar immediately identified the absentee ballots that had been requested by voters in Precinct 8-01. Those ballots will be canceled and new ballots will be issued to those voters. There is no additional action required on the part of voters except to submit the updated ballot; not the original ballot containing the error. Those voters have received a letter explaining the situation. 

 “Chatham County has more than 500 ballot styles. Our staff members spent a week proofing the ballots and corrected a number of mistakes prior to printing," said Board of Elections Chairman Tom Mahoney. 

According to Elections Director Billy Wooten, “When we sign off on the final proofs, it is our goal to produce completely correct ballots with no errors. This was missed and we have since corrected it.”

Voters in Precinct 8-01 who vote early in person are being issued the correct ballot. Voters in Precinct 8-01 who request an absentee ballot will receive the correct ballot. 

“We appreciated the voter who called and alerted us. This voter’s quick action kept the issue from becoming a bigger problem," Mahoney said. "We welcome and appreciate calls from citizens.”

Billy Wooten
Supervisor of Elections
Chatham County Board of Elections



The Board of Elections of Chatham County functions as the superintendent of elections and conducts primaries and elections in accordance with State law. The Board performs all services and functions necessary to support the election process. The Board establishes boundaries for voting precincts, secures facilities to serve as polling locations for these precincts, recruits, selects, hires, trains and assigns personnel to serve as poll officials. The board also conducts qualification for candidates, develops ballots for elections, acquires, maintains, prepares and delivers equipment used to conduct elections, publicizes notices as required by law and maintains elections records.

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The Board of Elections of Chatham County holds its regular monthly meeting on the second Monday of every month at 3:30pm. These meetings are now held virtually via Zoom and can be viewed by the public with the following information:

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2022 Election Calendar

Election Voter Registration Deadline Election Date

Special Election Date

February 14, 2022

March 15, 2022

Special Election Runoff Date

February 14, 2022

April 12, 2022

General Primary Election, Nonpartisan General Election and Special Election Date

April 25, 2022

May 24, 2022

General Primary Election, Nonpartisan General Election and Special Election Runoff Date

April 25, 2022

June 21, 2022

General Primary Election Runoff Date for Federal Races

May 23, 2022

June 21, 2022

General Election/Special Election Date

October 10, 2022

November 8, 2022

General Election/Special Election Runoff Date

October 10, 2022

December 6, 2022

General Election Runoff Date for Federal Races

November 7, 2022

December 6, 2022

You may sign up to vote at any time, but you must register by the established registration deadline prior to an election if you wish to vote on election day.

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